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Off the Wall, 2003

2003 Mural...musing on my wall, 6th Solo Exhibition
Presented by Alliance Francaise de Singapour - Singapore

Wall of Musing

Once I stepped inside Raymond's studio, a big painting caught my attention. I felt very familiar with this painting which reminded me of a cave I had visited in the Northern part of Shanxi, China, two years ago. It represents a big, old, peeling wall with blue, green, gray and brownish tones, a red door tightly closed and yellow flying birds.

Suddenly it appeared to me that whatever you see, your mind is free to interpret based on your own experience of life. Maybe this is the purpose of this younger generation of artists.

Of Cause Raymond Lau, who has never been to Shanxi, had never seen this cave before and this painting entitled "Off the Wall" represents, according to him, the wall of and old warehouse. Actually the painting gives people the opportunity to imagine freely with what they have in their hearts. The artist wants people to find out what is behind the wall. He is also wondering about himself.

The purpose of this exhibition referring to walls is to bring the viewer on a spiritual voyage. I was lucky enough to have an early preview and after admiring about 30 paintings, I realized that his style had changed from his previous works, from figurative to more abstract, from heavier to lighter colors.

Through his sharp observation and analysis, Raymond gives life to the wall introducing impression of heaven and hell, waves or nature.

During the past year, Raymond managed to produce heavily even though he is affected by Tourette Syndrome. This affliction gives him a greater challenge that he manages to overcome through his hard work. Hopefully his creativity will continue to grow that way.

This new series allows us to see what is in his mind and how it has improved. The wall reflects his imagination and no longer blocks it. He is always free to go through the door behind the wall, communicating with it.

Preparing this show has allowed Raymond to go through a new experience. He invites us also to look at the paintings, through the wall and try to understand more about life.

Written by Frances Low Pooi Fong

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